Benefits of Playing Duets

If your students are anything like I was, they probably don’t beg you to learn a duet. And if you’ve taught them one before, they’ve probably complained about how hard it was. Duets can be challenging and because of that, they are very valuable for you to teach and your students to learn. Here are … Continue reading

St. Patrick’s day piano fun

The more I incorporate the festivities of upcoming holidays, the more fun piano lessons seem to be, both for me and my students! So, with St. Patrick’s day right around the corner, I’ve been searching for some creative ways to add some green, luck and shamrocks into my upcoming lessons. I found some great St. Patty’s … Continue reading

Celebrating birthdays: piano style

In honor of my birthday this coming Sunday (March 4th), I decided to dedicate this week’s blog post to celebrating birthdays of students (and teachers) during piano lessons. I am a big fan of the birthday certificates that teachers hand out to their students on their birthday but I was not able to find any piano themed … Continue reading

Piano activities for Valentine’s Day

Whenever I have the chance to incorporate holidays into my piano lessons, I try to. Not only does it make a lesson more engaging, but it’s a fun way for me to teach and for my students to learn. (Plus, anything that involves chocolate is always more fun.) As Valentinte’s Day approaches, I’ve been on the hunt for some … Continue reading

Teaching piano to auditory learners

Learning how to read music as an auditory learner can be quite a tricky situation. What is an auditory learner and how to do you tell if you or your child is one? Some indicators of an auditory learner are: talking aloud having difficulty following written directions memorizng by saying things aloud being distracted by background noise explaining things … Continue reading